Me at work....

Me at work!

I'm often asked by new artists just starting out about my technique!
So hopefully this short guide will answer some of your most common questions ,..

In this painting ( gossiping hares ) you can see that I've started with a rough initial sketch,
Worked without a pre pencil sketch, instead I've used the paint to sketch with,
Keeping the strokes flowing, loose, long, and above all .......minimal!

Just trust your eye (and your hand) until you get used to working this way,..

As soon as I'm happy with the overall proportions I can then have fun with depth, texture and colour!

Yes, I almost always start with the eyes,
But as you can see with this image, it doesn't always have to be the case,
I've purposely left the eyes until later in this loose painting in order to show you that not everything has to be set in stone,
If you make too many rules for yourself your work will become stunted,
Keep creating, keep thinking, and stay original :)
Pushing yourself further each time!

I'll come back later to show you how the painting progresses.

Brushes - I've used a Ron ranson rake throughout the entire painting and then a medium size round for final detailing,

The paints I use are almost always winsor & Newton or schminke.