I'm about to move house (and garden)...EEK

Mondara - my cherished bee balm
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There are many plants in my garden that I've raised and nurtured solely for the fact they have high value for wildlife,
Mondara (bee balm) is one in particular, I have a red and a pink variety,
But I'll also grow plants purely for selfish reasons, meaning that I grow them cause I love either the colour or the form, generally speaking though most things I grow are to please us both (myself and the wildlife), rudbeckia is an example of that, they have been beautiful this year!
The image (in my next blog ) is a quick snap I took of my garden recently,
I'm showing it to you just to give hope to any new gardeners out there who feel daunted by the prospect of creating a garden for the very first time,
I want to tell you that you can have a garden that is both beautiful and wildlife friendly without ever using a single chemical or slug pellet, trust me on that - I know cause I've done it!,
I'm not saying that my garden is any more beautiful than anyone else's (lol I wouldn't be so bold), but what I am definitely saying is YES you can have a garden without using nasties (pesticide/fungicides),
It may mean that it's a little more effort, it may mean that you will occasionally be upset when one of your favourite plants has been completely destroyed by slugs, but as your garden grows it will eventually find its own natural balance and it's at that point that you will suddenly realise that WOW you have created a beautiful natural and magical garden - a paradise for many different types of wildlife, and that will bring you more joy than any single plant ever could :)

I'm about to leave this much loved garden of mine cause I'm moving house soon, it will be an utter wrench and I'll probably even cry a little on the days up to the leave!
I've spent many years of blood sweat and years (and many a penny) buying and growing plants and building wildlife ponds etc etc, but it's been the best thing I've ever done!
I've watched almost every different type of bird visit my feeders and even had a pole cat and a crested newt, as we speak there are new fledglings about and zillions of tiny froglets enjoying their first summer in this world - and all this happening in the garden that I've created!
Yep this garden is a very personal thing to me and I'm about to hand it over to someone else (yikes),
I do hope (with all my heart) that they take care of it the way that I have done, I'm sure they will cause I'm told they love wildlife,
But it's time for me to move on now and start all over again somewhere new!
My next garden will be much smaller so that I can spend more time in my studio and on my art, but I'm also inheriting a much bigger wildlife pond and that's great too..

I suspect it won't be very long before I'm back digging about in the soil again with a whole load of brand new garden ideas for my new place ;)

Hey I wish you all happy gardening and wildlife watching