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This isn't just an art print - this is a giclèe art print...

Updated: Jun 11

Have you ever wondered what the word Giclèe refers to, regarding art prints...

So let's start with a simple fact, Giclèe is not just an arty term.

Describing giclee as "just an arty term" could mislead a person into thinking that Giclèe prints are the same as non Giclèe prints, this is simply not the case, Giclèe prints are not the same as all other prints.

In this short article I'll tell why we at Lisa J Holmes Art love our high end art prints, and along the way I'll also answer a few common questions about art prints in general.

1. Is Giclèe worth it?

The answer is clear ...

If you want a print that is archival, respected by fine art experts, and has superior quality versus a non giclèe art print, then yes a Giclèe print is most definitely worth it,

If however you are happy with non Giclèe prints then purchase those instead.

It really just depends on what you want from your art. There is no wrong or right art, but there is, and should always be, good guidance and information about the product we purchase and sell.

I personally would always choose Giclèe prints over non Giclèe, if I had the opportunity to choose between the two .

2. Are all art prints Giclèe prints?

This is easy to answer, the answer is no.

3. I've purchased a non Giclèe print on the high street, is it guaranteed to have the same longevity as a Giclèe print?

It is less likely to last as long as a Giclèe print, and more likely to colour fade over time.

4. Is there a price different between the two?

Slightly more difficult to answer this one because art prices vary a lot, it can also depend on who's doing the selling, generally speaking though, yes Giclèe prints are sometimes slightly more expensive and this is because they're typically more expensive to produce, but I've also seen non Giclèe art prints priced higher than Giclèe prints.

When buying art prints the customer may not understand the differences in quality, but if you've ever handed over your hard earned cash for a framed print only to notice a few years later it bears less resemblance to the exciting colourful thing that you first fell in love with and is now starting to look more like a dull faded version of itself, It can be a little frustrating, you may even at some point in the future begrudgingly decide to throw your print away, what a shame.

We are a throwaway society, but thankfully these days many of us are searching for effective ways to be less throwaway - and more longevity minded.

5. Why do some shops/artist just offer standard prints, and no Giclèe prints?

I cannot answer for others, but for me its about my own desire to please, and also my desire for quality and perfection.

From the very start of my career I wanted to offer my customers the absolute best quality in everything I do, not just the art materials that I use for my original paintings, but also high end products in my print range. When I decided to offer prints on my website to sit alongside my unique original watercolour paintings I knew from the beginning that my own print range would have to be Giclèe, anything less simply wouldn't do.

I could have taken the easier route and offered just standard prints, there would definitely have been more profit in doing that and certainly less time and effort involved, but I would have felt disappointed.

Setting up a Giclèe printing process is not an easy task and there were many months of head scratching and work involved, but the effort of producing higher quality art prints was worth it for me because the end result is a breathtakingly beautiful product to offer to my customers, a product that I can trust, and a product that will not disappoint further down the line.

What is the alternative to purchasing a mass produced art print / poster?

The alternative is do your due diligence and only purchase art that gives the absolute best quality you can afford, and also the best chance of hanging onto your artwork for years to come, and preferably a lifetime.

There's plenty of good affordable art out there, insist on quality and don't settle for less.

L J's top tip

If you're one of those lucky people who can afford to splash out on an original painting then purchase the original and cherish it, if however your budget doesn't stretch to an original painting then buy a Giclèe art print instead, either of these two options will serve you well and look fabulous on the wall, and both will last you a lifetime when cared for properly.

In summary...

Most artists know the difference between a non Giclèe print and a Giclèe print, we also understand the reasons why Giclèe is considered one of the benchmarks for quality prints, but our customers may not know these differences, I believe that it is our duty as artists to be informative.

Purchasing non Giclèe art prints is absolutely fine and there's nothing wrong with it, just be aware that there are choices and options out there available to you, and lots of good reputable shops, galleries, and artists who are able to offer you options and advice.

So there ya have it my lovely arty people - take your time and be fussy, pick & choose.

Kingfisher giclèe art print
Giclèe art prints

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