Captains blog - number 1

I get lots of requests from newly emerging artists asking for advice/tips about building their careers, and although I try to answer every one of them individually, sometimes its tricky to find the time.
So instead I'll try to outline one of my own thoughts about art careers here...hope you find this little blog helpful

I personally believe that "good art" isn't about peer judgement, or stuffy hype, marketing, or social media, or any of that.
In fact it is mostly just about the painting itself, what the viewer sees. Gorgeous paintings speak for themselves.
The eyes never lie.
In essence, great art just somehow "looks good" and " looks right", there really is no more to it than that!.
Great art should make your customers feel something, or at the very least it should make them smile, although a gasp would be even better ;)
Does your artwork make your customers want to own it?.

For every new aspiring artist I have one bit of sound advice....
Trust your own creative talents!, and judgement.
Your customers (and your sales) will soon let you know if you are on the right path, or not!.
In truth, most artists want their paintings to be liked, want it to be " popular". And of course they want their art to sell, if they didn't want that they wouldn't be offering their paintings for sale in the first place!.

In summary...
If your sales are good, it means that your audience (your customers eyes) are seeing something wonderful when they look at your paintings.
Remember, the eyes never lie.
So, to all emerging artist out there I say this.....
Be brave and enjoy what you do first and foremost. Paint with confidence :)

A few years ago ( when I was starting out ) a very talented successful friend commented to me after glancing at my newly launched website, he said 'Lisa you don't need blogs and social media and platforms etc, your art speaks for itself '.
I took his advice and to this day I've managed to build my art career without having to promote myself on social media etc, in fact I don't even know the first thing about marketing!, many of my paintings sell just by word of mouth.

So get painting guys n gals!
Spend a little less time blogging/chatting/promoting/talking about your art/promoting your art/chatting on social media etc etc, and more time at your easel painting, or painting en plein air. Get out and observe your subject matter.
And very quickly you might see positive results in your paintings!.

I'm not saying don't do social media and art comps etc, you should probably do all those things as well ( if you have the time). But the truest test of your art ability boils down to one thing, does your artwork please your customers?, and yourself ? 
If the answer is yes - then you're on the right path :-)

Good luck and keep painting!.