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Cottage garden

Where do I gain inspiration for my paintings? I'm often asked this question.
I gain inspiration from the natural world around me, as is the case for many wildlife artists.
I'm also extremely lucky to live in a semi rural place, the lanes and sandstone trails around my village are notoriously beautiful, natural, and full of wildlife. I also have the advantage of being ultra close to a large and wonderful forest, rich in natural habitats for British wildlife.
However, a main daily source of inspiration is my own garden!. I don't have to look very far to find a beautiful flower, or creature!, many are already here in my garden!. poppies, thistles, lavenders, echinacea, irises, roses, many varieties of wild meadow flowers and nectar rich flowers and herbaceous perennials grow in abundance in my gardens. Too many to list!.
I've spent around 14 years creating many of the planted areas for wildlife, and of course for my own enjoyment. I grew up in the country and will always be a country girl at heart.

All of my floral and landscape /meadow paintings are created using my gardens as the main first point of inspiration.
For my other animals paintings, I tend to gain inspiration while I'm out and about on my travels. I usually make quick sketches in situ, and take reference photographs for when I'm back in my studio, occasionally I'll also paint the animal en plein air if time/weather allows.

But what if you need even more inspiration!, or just a few reference photographs for the more exotic animals, well the internet is full of great resource websites for artists, commonly used by many artists.
You can also message me if you are an artist in need of good clear HD wildlife photographs to use for reference and inspiration. I have lots of wildlife images that I've taken myself over the years. Always happy to help a fellow artist.
But please only use the images as loose reference points, the main bulk of your painting, and the creativity should come from your head and your own imagination, not a photograph.