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Cornflower blue

Cornflower painting L J Holmes

Cornflowers painting Lisa
Cornflower LIsa Holmes
.....................When my cornflowers appear so do the bees, they just can't get enough of them.
I grow both perrenial and annual types, thus ensuring I have lots of nectar rich flowers ready to welcome the bees.
And of course this also means lots of inspiration for my paintings in the summer months.
Cornflowers I've always loved, that beautiful clean clear blue shade just blows my mind, i work hard to get the shade just right when I'm painting them ( not too much cool ultramarine but not much green pthalo). I often also use a bit of cobalt blue mixed with a very very watered down lavender shade.
I tend to paint these paintings en plein air using my garden as reference and paint many of my floral and insect paintings without a pre sketch in order to capture the spontaneous nature of the subject matter, and also capture energy and moment. I find that a pre sketch can sometimes create a stunted look to watercolours, a look I try to avoid.