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Every little thing is magic ....

Lisa's butterfly

When I'm not in my studio painting, or photographing and sketching wildlife out in the field, a large chunk of my " leisure time " is spent quietly watching and observing wildlife. This can either be during my downtimes at home in my gardens and local walks, or during wildlife holidays and rambles further afield.
I just don't think there's anything more wonderful than being out in the fresh air amongst nature. Its not just the wildlife that make me feel great, it's the flora and fauna.
Often overlooked, plants play an important role in wildlife preservation. Every flower, every leaf, every particle of soil and slither of wood, they all play some part in the delicate balance of every creatures life!. The whole of it ( and we ) are all entwined and linked in subtle but important ways.

Plants are so cool :)
What may seem like " just another leaf " to us on first glance, could have been a perfect little comfy resting spot for a butterfly ten minutes earlier.
And a curled up leaf could become an ideal drinking vessel for a thirsty hoverfly!.

I'm forever in awe of nature and all its wonderful and intricate far reaching facets, I suspect many of which we have yet to discover, and understand.

I do hope you are all enjoying your time spent outdoors.