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Rest, recuperate. And wildlife.

Lisa's dragonfly

If you've wondered where I've been for the last week or so, why I've not been painting. Well it's because I've been taking a little time off.
I have a life separate to my life as an artist, a life that involves my love of wildlife watching and wildlife conservation on my own doorstep!.
I also have two wildlife ponds, and gardens created with wildlife in mind.
So I've been resting up, and enjoying some fresh air amongst it all. I've always believed that if you are a slave to your art there is a risk it could become a chore rather than a passion. Therefore as much as I'm addicted to art and passionate about it, I also know when to take a short break.
I also find that my painting improves after some time away, time to truly observe my subject matter..wildlife!.

So while I've been tottering in the garden I thought I'd show you this little guy who turned up to join me in my potting shed while I was tidying (not too tidy of course). And don't worry he did fly out again after saying hello.
I suspect he's now knocking about one of my ponds, well they are created for him after all :)

Hope you are all remembering to be kind to yourself, as well as the wildlife!.