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In my studio - Tools of the trade.

Occasionally new artists will ask me which paint brands I use to create my paintings, and which are my favourites.
So I'll answer that one today while I'm taking a small break from painting. I finally have the time to answer a few of your lovely messages.

Well. Its winsor & newton paints for me all the way (artists range). I've used w&n my entire career and they are my main " go to " brand. I find them superior in terms of colour and longevity.
But I also adore schmincke paints.
Occasionally I'll dabble with Daniel Smith paints

I must admit I'm a bit of a paint junkie, and carry a large range, keep some of them in my desk drawer close to hand so that I can quickly make my selection.
I rarely use just one colour though, winsor and newton paints are great for mixing and creating your own unique shades and mixes. Part of the pleasure of painting (for me anyway) is the magic of colour.

Having said all the above, you really only need a few tubes of good quality paint, just a basic range of around 5/6 colours will be ample enough to get you started, in fact you could easily manage with that simple palette your entire career if you wish!. Many more colours can be created from just that basic set. You absolutely do not need to purchase lots of shades and tones.

But I just love paint, and spend much of my pocket money on it ;)
So yeah, I have a few extra tubes.
It's my little treat to myself. We all have things we love to buy occasionally, mine just happens to be paint tubes!.

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