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Your the best thing...

Well it's been a funny old week, ups and downs. In fact it's kinda been a funny couple of weeks tbh. Ive had a few niggles and a few hairy moment, along with a few really yucky moments ( I guess we all have those from time to time). But lets not grumble too much .. cause I've also had some up days too, and some truly wonderful moments, and one of those was my discovery of this little guy,
He's a young Newt:)

I have a mating pair of newts who live in the outside air brick on my conservatory, it's so funny cause every year they bed down in the air brick holes, one in each hole! ( it's like a Mr & Mrs kinda upstairs downstairs affair). And then in the spring they come out of hibernation and trot off to my wildlife ponds to hunt and mate.
Well, they now have a little one with them, this teeny tiny baby Newt I spotted the other week. I guess he will be in the other air brick this winter then :)

They will never know how much they put a smile on my face!.