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Your the best thing...

I have lots of newts living in and around my gardens and wildlife ponds.

And then i spotted a mating pair started to live in the air brick on the outside wall of my conservatory, it's so funny cause every year they bed down in the air brick holes, one in each hole! ( lol it's like a Mr & Mrs kinda upstairs downstairs affair).
And then in the spring they come out of hibernation and trot off to my wildlife ponds to hunt and mate.
Well, they now have a little one with them, this teeny tiny baby Newt I spotted the other week. I guess he will be in the other air brick this winter then :)

They will never know how much they put a smile on my face!.
Soooo cute, and I'm so delighted to help nature, newts are so precious and constantly they loose their natural habitats, it feels wonderful that they have found a place to thrive in my garden, and it's a chemical free place too, hence they should do well.