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Well it's been very mild in Cheshire today, wall to wall sunshine.
So I took a rare full hour lunchbreak to get some fresh air and wander through my gardens.
My greatest joy in life is seeing wildlife enjoying the fruits of my labour, the butterflies and bees having such a good time visiting the nectar rich flowers and plants that I've grown for them. This particular garden border is perhaps a bit on the gaudy side (in terms of colour schemes) for some people's tastes, there's almost every colour under the rainbow!, but that's how the insects seem to like it. So it'll have to stay, actually I'm kinda enjoying the zingy colours though, keeps me alert when I'm starting to flag a little in the afternoons ;)
Lol there's certainly nothing quiet and zen about this planting scheme, it's full of energy, colour. and quite literally buzzing with life.
The bees are just thriving in this garden!.

On a less brighter note....I do sometimes worry (and shudder to think) about where they all would be and what would happen to the many many varieties of wildlife that have made my gardens their home. If I wasn't here!.
I worry about one day in the future when I'm gone and someone else is living in this home, I hope to God it's someone who cherishes nature & wildlife. And i hope they tread softly and let nature go wild and be their guide. Less chemicals more plants.
And I dread to think of someone in future years draining my widlife ponds and filling them in to make a sand pit, or something concrete ...eek the newts and frogs :(

Ah well we mustn't think bleak, instead we must think about the positive impact on nature that we can have right now. Hopefully the future will then take care of itself .....