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What makes me tick....

My wildlife ponds are a constant in my life!. Whenever the world around me seems a puzzle or concerning, my gardens and wildlife ponds bring me back to peace. Everything makes sense to me when I'm amongst nature.

Its nature. Nature makes me tick. Not just as an artist, but in every aspect of my life!.

I've spent well over ten years creating and managing my current gardens, designed for nature and wildlife. Many many many years of back breaking work, and probably a lot of missed parties ;)
But it was worth every single moment!.

I've always gardened organically. No pesticides/fungicides/slug pellets etc.
It's been a bit of hard work, not just the physical work, but also the mental work of trying to convince my hubby to get on board with the occasional hand weeding lol.
But WOW the results are better than I could have ever imagined, here we are ten years ish on and the wildlife is utterly thriving, and it now has it's own little biosphere.

If you think you can't have a lovely garden without the use of chemicals. Trust me you can!, I promise you that. Just get going :)

Tadpoles lisas

Lisa's taddies

Frog pond Lisa's