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Pond life

If you would like to build your own wildlife pond, I would humbly suggest that you leave at least two sides of the pond gently sloping. This is to allow your future critters the opportunity to come and go as they please, they need the ability to be able to leave your pond at times. Especially the cuter than cute tiny new froglets:)

And of course it goes without saying....keep your swimsuits out of the pond. Wildlife ponds aren't for you to practice your Olympic swim strokes in!. They are for the wildlife to thrive and live in peace undisturbed.
Busy human feet can crush Newt eggs, and everything else that is tiny and living.

But if you can resist the temptation to interfere too much with your new pond, and just let nature do the rest, be patient. You will have a beautiful thriving wildlife oasis in no time, one that will bring an amazingly varied amount of wildlife to your green space.

And you'll also be able to sit by the pond in the summer months and watch damselflies and dragonflies hover. Soooo pretty :)


Lisa's sloping pond