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Gardening organically

If you were wondering if it's possible to still have big beautiful blooms and lots of gorgeous flowers while gardening organically....
I'm here to tell you that yes!, absolutely yes, it is!.

These images are of some of the flowers in my gardens that I've grown myself over the years, they are all existing (and bringing great joy to me and the wildlife ) without the need of chemicals.
But what they do need is a little bit of TLC, and perhaps a little bit of dedication. Fully organic gardening takes patience. And you must not freak out when you see insects such as greenfly etc on your precious roses. Just let them be.

But if like me you are utterly determined to give nature a helping hand by growing organically an abundance of nectar rich flowers, and you dont mind sacrificing some of your leisure time. Then yes it can be done.

But don't expect to have perfectly manicured nails and soft hands when you embrace a lifelong obsession with gardening and wildlife preservation.
In other words, you'll likely need to roll yer sleeves up and get yer hands dirty, lol I cannot remember the last time my nails looked OK. But who cares when the plants look this good!.

Enjoy it :)
Wildlife one

Wildlife three

Wildlife four

Wildlife five

Wildlife six