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Buzzy bee

Phew! I've been inundated this last coupla days with requests from some of my regular buyers for paintings of bees!.

Please bear with me, I'm working on it ...
I should have a few to offer you in the coming weeks. But I'm sorry to ask you to be patient with me cause I'm currently slap bang in the middle of work for my exhibition in Chester for February, which is looming fast!.

In the meantime, here is a bee that I started earlier. He's covered in pollen dust and hopefully I'll get to finish this painting later, I usually like to complete my watercolours in " one hit ", but some days things just work out a little different. I'm sure I'll finish him at some point :)

I like my bee paintings to have a little energy and movement, cause let's be honest bees are very busy & lively little creatures .
I also like to paint their eyes in a way that feels real, and real to me means a little bit of dome shape to the eye shape, eyes are not flat elements.

Hope you are all enjoying a busy ( but fun ) kinda week ........