News & natter

Greetings ....

I've decided to keep the "news" section of my website strictly for " art related " matters. Rather than a general blog.
I'm just not a natural blogger and would much rather be sat at my easel painting than blogging.
So from now on there will only be occasional notices here, all art related.
I just don't want to sacrifice time on writing, it takes too much time away from my painting. 

But here is my latest arty news..I still love to talk about art :)

Well!, I'm currently working on a tinsy little new addition to my range for 2022!.
In the past I've rejected opportunities to offer greeting cards as part of my range. But now that I've found an eco option I'm happy to go ahead. And actually I've had a sneak preview of them and oooooh they're looking sooo fab!.
I'm hoping to bring you the entire range by around Feb 2022 ish.
I want to limit it to a small select range from just a few of my wildlife pieces. I'm also going to keep these greeting card packs priced for you as low as I can possibly manage.
So do look out for my new greeting card packs in 2022.

What else is new in my arty world?
Well December is almost always a " winding down " month for me business wise, never a mad crazy busy month in terms of sales. And actually I enjoy this slower period because it's often a month when i get loads of things done, things such as refreshing and tidying up my website, giving my paint brushes an extra deep clean. It's also a month when I can get ultra creative and spend maximum time playing around with new paintings and planning new paintings, really thinking about art !. In fact I've created some of my best paintings in past months of December.
So let's hope this year is no exception  :-)

Keep warm everyone, keep well, keep creative.