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A new love

Working with acrylics /oils on canvas is my most recent fixation and love, to my surprise I've recently become completely and deliciously obsessed, in fact it's been a little unnerving cause its felt like a weird and crazy calling, I just cannot stop!, some days I can't even do anything else other than to go and get the acrylics and canvas out, it's all I want to do.
It's quite odd because actually watercolour is (and has always been) the paint that I work with the most!.

Anyways, for whatever reason I'm currently working in acrylics and oils at the moment,.

I'm using them in a way that suits me and my style and I'm working straight from the heart, fully spontaneously and just trying to get onto canvas my feelings.
When I look at nature or a beautiful natural beach etc I often feel certain emotions, I'm hoping that I can transfer those emotions onto the canvas.
I don't want these acrylic paintings to be too forced or hyperreaclistic, but I do want them to have an essence of reality, but also a touch of semi abstract and contemporary.