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I'm back!,....and so are they :)

Lisa's tads

Sorry I've been a bit quiet for the last fortnight and not adding quite as many new paintings for you as I usually do, it's simply because mid /late March is kinda always my main wildlife watching time.
I love birdwatching/nature/walking/ wildlife watching etc throughout the entire year, but March is always my busiest month. I have two wildlife ponds and a fairly large wildlife garden, both of which bring lots of gorgouse creatures to my doorstep from March onwards. Hence it's always a lovely time of the year for me to enjoy what I've spent years creating. I've also been busy sowing seeds for this years nectar rich plants, and spending some time walking and birding in north Wales.

Aaaaanyways, that's what I've been up to.
But I'm back now, and look what has turned up my wildlife pond, this years tiny taddies are here already!. I just cannot wait to spend the new few weeks/months watching them slowly develop into beautiful perfect tiny little froglets, it's a joy to watch every year :)

I hope you are all enjoying some lovely times doing whatever you love to do.