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Where the bluebells thrive.

Well hasn't the weather been lovely here in the UK lately. Not too hot not too cold, just right!.

I've been enjoying my garden (my oasis) for the last few days.
I love people and city life, but the truth is that I prefer the country life and thrive in natural surroundings, I particularly enjoy peaceful and green spaces.
I keep the rear of my garden completely wild and natural, this is where the bluebells thrive.
So don't be suprised if a few bluebell paintings appear next week, I've spent hours today admiring them, and now I'm feeling completely rejuvenated again. And also inspired to paint!.

There's nothing quite like nature to cleanse my soul, it never ever fails me :)

I hope you are all enjoying some wonderful moments doing whatever it is that floats yer boat, and whatever truly brings you joy and inspiration in life.
Lisa bluebell

Lisa bluebell 3

Lisa bluebell 1