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Lisa's fruits
Lisa's fruits 1

Well I've had the most wonderful weekend!.

It's not often food based items /images make it onto my website. But I've spent a lovely weekend harvesting berries from my organic fruit patch in my garden, it's such a lovely peaceful pastime whenever I fancy a break from painting.
These uber sweet lucious fruits are ready to pick just in time for Wimbledon.
I heartedly recommend anyone to grow their own fruit, it tastes soooo much better than shop bought, and even if you only have a tiny space or a balcony you could probably fit a strawberry plant in a pot, they even grow trailing in a hanging basket.
But the best bit of all (for me anyways) is the ability to have a yummy dessert on hand at a seconds notice, just pop out to the garden and wham bam thank you mam. And I do love my desserts ;-)

So I griddled a scone and smothered it with summer fruits,. Perfect for sharing with your significant other while watching Mr Murray do is thing on the tennis courts this evening.
Brilliant weekend, brilliant Monday. Common Andy.

Ain't summer great .....