My main field and passion is watercolour,
I'll occasionally work in other mediums.

I love to see wildlife in its natural environment, almost as much as i enjoy painting,
Combining the two is a dream come true for me.
An avid birdwatcher you will often find me at local birding haunts with my sketchbook and binoculars,
Occassionaly my camera if i remember it!,
I'm looking for life and energy in my paintings rather than photographic representation and paint with intuition and spontaneity,
But balance, detail and perspective are also very important elements to my work.
Texture also matters greatly to me.

Lisa Jayne Holmes

Above all I'm looking for the magic,
The things that make me smile are what I hope to convey in my paintings,
I still remember the pleasure I felt on seeing my first field of wildflowers,
The awe on seeing a huge dragonfly as a child.
More recently a glimpse of a blackcap bird sitting alongside his copper topped mate (so cute).
These moments make me who I am as an artist,
From a tiny tot I've been heavily into nature,
My grandfather taught me the value of organic gardening,
and the value of all life,
From the tiniest pond skater to the big cool cats,
They all matter to me, they all inspire me to paint.

I'm often told my paintings seem to "sparkle",
I think this is due to my use of negative space,
In other words I try not to overwork my paintings
preferring instead to take advantage of the white in the paper.

Art and design has always been a strong force in my life!,
I studied horticulture and floral design at college qualifiying with distinctions I then changed paths and started painting.
Utterly fell in love with watercolour.

2015/16 held solo exhibitions, almost every painting sold!
This gave me the confidence to launch this site (eek) and to continue with my own painting style.
2018 I was shortlisted for artist of the year, and then again in 2019!.
This was a real privelidge and delight for me.

You can also find a small selection of my original artwork on display at the
Galeri gallery Betws y coed North wales,
A lovely place to browse, with equally lovely staff.