Full time professional cheshire artist with a passion for nature & wildlife.
My main field is painting with watercolours, occassionally I also work with acrylics oils and pastels.

I work from my home studio and share my life with lots of noisy but wonderful creatures, including a very tolerant long suffering husband.
I love wildlife watching as much as i enjoy painting and combining the two is a dream come true for me.
An avid birdwatcher I love visiting my local birding spots with my sketchbook and binoculars, the lush countryside on my doorstep and my own organic gardens are also typical points of daily inspiration for me.
I save sketches notes and photographs from my field trips which I regularly refer back to when creating many of my paintings and the myriad of creatures that visit my gardens & ponds are the beating drum of life for me and make me who I am as an artist.
I love all animals, from the tiniest pond skater to the big cool cats they all matter.
My life revolves around creating natural organic habitats for wildlife, I've spent many years creating wildflower meadows and wild areas.
I have two ponds which are now home to lots of frogs newts diving beetles, backswimmers, pondskaters and more, it's been lovely to also see hedgehogs dragonflies and birds also regularly using these ponds as watering holes and for bathing.
You've probably guessed - I'm passionate about gardening.

Art and design has also been a strong force throughout my life.
I studied horticulture and floral design at college qualifiying with distinctions, some years later i changed career paths after falling completely in love with watercolour.
2015 & 2016 - I was invited to hold solo exhibitions in galleries in north Wales and Norfolk, almost every painting sold at both events and this gave me the confidence to launch my website.
2018 - I was shortlisted for artist of the year and again in 2019, it was a privelidge and delight showing my work at the fantastic mall galleries in London.
2020 -  One of my paintings made the longlist in the jacksons painting prize. I was thrilled!.

2021/2022 I decided focus instead on donate paintings to the ' Sketch for survival ' exhibitions instead of entering too many competitions, I just really wanted to do something that was solely about just helping the animals.

My work is now regualrly on display in galleries and shops around the country and previously featured in the John Lewis product range.
My main goal though will always be to simply bring joy to people through my art, if I can bring just one smile to a persons face through my art its ' job done ' for me.

Thank you for viewing my artwork.
Lisa Jayne Holmes artist