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The plantswoman

It's fair to say that my interests are firmly rooted in plant life, definitely as much as they are in wildlife and painting.
In fact I've probably been passionate about plants for a little longer.
My " plantswoman " days started so far back in my life that I can hardly even remember the starting point!.
I've been cultivating, growing and nurturing plants since I was a toddler and ever since I've had a garden of some description. It's in my blood, I just live to grow things.
So you may wonder why I'm a wildlife artist rather than a botanical artist, well the truth is that I enjoy painting both and at some point I may even wander further over to the botanical side of painting, but for now I'm content to combine both.
And when I'm not painting plants and wildlife I'm usually photographing them!. it's a full time obsession.

I hope you are all following your true passions and doing whatever makes you happiest :)