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True inspiration

Updated: Jun 11

A couple of years ago I decided there wasn't enough room in my life or on my website for blogs, but recently in spring 2024 I found time to come back and say hello, but please bear with me if my blogs are a little sparse (or rusty) because I'm still a busy artist and I don't get much time to blog, but here is one anyway....

I'm often asked by aspiring artists trying to get into nature painting, where does my inspiration come from, and how do I stay inspired over the years?

The answer is that many of the paintings in my portfolio have inspiration taken from nature and wildlife around my own organic gardens and wildlife habitats, painting this way brings a personal connection to my paintings, and perhaps a touch of uniqueness as well.

I feel that as an artist it helps to have a good understanding and a deep connection to the things that we paint.

If you paint the things that you truly find beautiful in this world, and the things that matter to you in your life, I'd say you won't go far wrong because you will be painting in an authentic and inspired way.

Staying inspired is easy if you genuinely love the things that you paint, especially when they are already a big part of life away from the easel.

Happy painting everyone, paint the things you love ...



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