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Tiz the season to be gardening...

A few of you have been asking me what I've been up to recently, and why I'm not bringing out new paintings quite as often as I used to!, well the truth of the matter is that I've been gardening, it's the gardening bug that gets me every year at this time, its gardening season and I just can't resist being out there, it's in my blood and almost like a calling!, as much as I try I just can't resist, born to be outside barefoot amongst the plants I guess, an urge I cant describe so I won't bother trying, all I know is that it makes me feel wonderful.

But don't worry I'm still painting fairly regularly ( just not as often at the moment) and I promise I'll bring you some more paintings soon.

In the meantime here's a little blog about the very thing that (sometimes) keeps me away from the easel, the garden.

Wildlife is often at the forefront of my mind whenever I'm creating my paintings, but my passion for art has to be shared with my obsession for creating habitats for wildlife and also organic gardening. I don't just garden for wildlife though, I also garden for myself, it's a passion and possibly even an addiction. I spend most of my spare time in my garden. I've been a gardener for as long as I can possibly remember and in fact I almost chose landscape gardening as a career, but art won me over instead. When I retire from the art world though I'll probably pursue gardening more seriously, looking more closely at the garden design side of things.

I love love love creating magical gardens and green sanctuaries, gardens that aren't too rigid and restricted, gardens that flow, but I love to design and create all types of gardens, from peaceful woodland gardens with a limited colour palette to traditional English cottage gardens bursting with colour and blooms.

In the past (when I had a more time on my hands ) I really enjoyed creating various gardens for friends, from the tiniest Italian styled courtyard garden to walled gardens, but my favourite gardens of all are simply those that are buzzing with wildlife, and of course always bee friendly.

I'll be back in the studio soon guys (and gals), but probably with garden inspired paintings for now ;)




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