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Welcome to my little blog pages, after a couple of years off! ....

Updated: Jun 11

I stopped doing blogs a couple of years ago, decided there wasn't room on my website or in my life for writing blogs.

I've never been much of a blogger to begin with, too busy painting I guess, but in springime 2024 I thought I'd come back and say a quick hello.

I'm regularly out walking in the countryside enjoying wild spaces and observing plants and wildlife - when I'm not painting them!, therefore I don't have much free time to blog, the truth is though that I can't think of anything more soul destroying for me as an artist than being stuck on a computer all day chatting online, It's great if you're the type of a person who enjoys that type of thing, but I definitely don't.

Social media, blogging, marketing and things of that nature are definitely not my thing or forte, I prefer to let my paintings do the talking.

I'm probably the only woman on the planet who isn't on Twitter, Facebook or any other social media type platform, so please be gentle with me if you ever see me trying to do a blog, I'm very rubbish at it, and its pathetic watching me trying to be witty when I'm writing or chatting online, so I'll spare you all of that malarkey and just stick to a few simple art related announcements and musings now and then.

Having said all the above I do occasionally enjoy a tinsy bit of a natter, hence you may see a few words from me on these blog pages now and then, but it will probably still be art related snippets, or musings about organic gardening.

Sometime soon I'll try very hard to steal myself away a little bit more often, away from my beloved easel, and away from this big beautiful world, to write a better blog maybe .....

Hope you are all having a great spring/summer, and following your passions



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