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This is a small showcase of just some of the pet portraits that I've been commissioned to paint over the years.


During my art career I've been lucky to be commissioned to create paintings for many a pet owner,  and been thrilled that every single painting was very well received by the owners, perhaps the reason for this is because I'm a pet owner myself, in fact there has been animals around me for almost my entire  life, I understand the bond and deep connection we have with our beloved pets.


Each pet portrait I've painted has been a joyful experience for me as an artist, from little Meg with the gorgeous ears to Vino the handsome horse, each has their own unique characteristics, I try to bring some of those aspects (and a little bit of magic) into the my paintings.

I've enjoyed painting all these lovely animals and hearing all about their traits from equally lovely owners, these commissions have brought me so much joy in my career, they also kept me nice and busy.


It would be impossible to showcase every one of them on my website, but I hope you've enjoyed browsing at least some of them. 

If you would  like me to create your own unique pet portrait simply get it in touch.

The price shown is a guideline, prices vary depending on the subject matter and work involved, size of the painting etc. 


Your FAQs 

How easy is it to commission a pet portrait from me?

A. Well its actually a fairly straightforward process, simply contact me with your requirements and we work from there.  I initially outline everything I need from you and explain my process, including important information such as time frame and pricing etc. 


When do I pay for the painting, am I committed to the painting, and what If I don't like it? 

Im extremely proud to say that I've never had a single painting rejected so far, not even one.

But to safeguard against the possibility of dissapointement I actually don't bother taking a deposit, you only pay for your painting at the very end of the process and after I've received your appraisal/approval, only purchase the painting if you love it.

At the end of the process I send  an image of the finished painting for your appraisal/approval, if you don't love it you don't buy it, it's as simple as that.  

The reason I love to do things this way is because I take pride in my work, and absolute integrity in my business. I care about my customers. I'm only happy if you are happy. 

There are a few other things I can tell you about commissioning pet portriats from me, but the easiest way is to reach out to me. 


Please note

I have a just a few slots per year that I reserve for privately commisioned pet portraits and these slots book up incredibly fast, therefore to avoid disappointment please book early. 

I open my diary up for bookings in January each year. 









Privately commissioned pet portraits


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